A large insurance corporation went through a global IT consolidation. In North America, the IT assets of 4 separate operating entities were merged and migrated to new 2 failover data centers.

Amongst the operating entities there were 3 different Backup tools varying Backup methodologies, with a mix of tape and tapeless environments. All hosts had to be migrated to Commvault technology and become part of the redundant backup pools across the two new data centers.

Storage services required additional support until all data could be migrated to the new technology.


  • xTECH360 was asked to take on the support of all storage and backup in all 4 of the operating entities.
  • xTECH360 assisted with the buildout of the Commvault technology at the two new data centers.
  • xTECH360 assisted with the migration of the 4 entities into the two new unified Commvault Backup and Recovery environments.
  • xTECH360 performed the migration of data off of OEM storage equipment and decommissioned the old environment.


  • xTECH360 successfully designed and built out the new Commvault environment, and completed the migration on schedule.
  • xTECH360 teams assisted in the migration planning and design, the data migration from EMC and NetApp platforms to the new Commvault environment. Migrations came in on schedule and under budget.
  • xTECH360 now supports the entire 9Pb Commvault backup environment for the 2 data centers, as well as some remaining older storage technologies that are not being migrated. SLAs align with industry standards and continue to be met. The insurance corporation successfully performed 2 consecutive DR tests once the project was completed.

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