A large brewing company was tasked through a series of business requests to build out and support a new SAP infrastructure. The SAP infrastructure was designed to streamline their production and distribution infrastructure. The technology involved several non-standard platforms and required a rapid build methodology to meet deadlines.

The existing deployment resources were over worked and under funded. Furthermore the support teams were faced with supporting non-standard technologies which made integration difficult. The project start date had been delayed several times, and the overall effort was behind schedule by six months. Costs to the business were escalating and delays were impacting business performance.


xTECH360 was chosen to accelerate infrastructure deployment and reduce costs. To allow the brewing company to manage their cost, xTECH360 set up a PxQ service model for:

  • Linux server builds
  • Storage allocation
  • SCOA&D
  • Project Managers were incorporated into a Service model which helped with the management of all projects tasks.
  • xTECH360 maintained the ongoing support of related server and storage environments.
  • xTECH360 deployed an IT Service Catalog for rapid response to changing needs.


Upon deployment, the brewing company began utilizing xTECH360’s service catalog approach to component-based infrastructure build services. Standards were set for design parameters and acceptable hand-off points for all parties were negotiated, defined, and documented.

  • xTECH360 performed buildout and brought the deployment back to the designated schedule
  • Business satisfaction for IT improved dramatically
  • Cost management dramatically improved

The brewing company extended xTECH360 services and xTECH360 assisted with the rollout of the remainder of BASIS and HANA infrastructure, as well as providing ongoing support of the infrastructure underlying environments.

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